The Browns'  School

Our Children

Children with a variety of disabilities are admitted to The Browns’ School.  We do not cater for all kinds of disabilities, but a limited range, such as Cerebral Palsy, Specific Learning Disability, Autism and children who have a particular syndrome.

Our children all have the potential to achieve.  They all have qualities and character traits to be nurtured, encouraged and enjoyed. They all deserve to be treated with respect, loved and appreciated for who they are. Their value does not depend only on academic (or any other) ability.

Our children range in age from 3 years to 18 years, are from all backgrounds regardless of race, religion, income levels or any other such criteria. The only criteria used for admission is that the child fits in with the range of disabilities that we cater for, can be helped by our system, and has a need for the specialised education we provide.

Once admitted, they follow the National CAPS programme.    Those children with a learning disability will follow the CAPS programme until Grade 7 where they will then be integrated back into mainstream.     In our Autistic and Special Classes, the learners each have an individual programme, based on the CAPS programme, and will follow this programme until 18 years of age.     A skills based programme is also currently being introduced.

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