School Fees

School  Fees:

Fees are payable monthly in advance over 10 months (January to end October)

first child per annum:                R18 250.00
second child per annum:         R17 337.00

third child per annum                R 16 470.00

A 5% rebate will be allowed if school fees are paid in full by 28 February  or within 30 days of date of admission.

Fees are charged on a pro-rata basis, from the date of admission, for learners who are admitted during the school year.

Transport Fees:

These are reviewed quarterly depending on the fuel price.

Ticket Type:                                                                          Half Term Ticket       Term Ticket
Short trip (Malvern, Yellowwood Park)                             R575                        R1150
Medium trip (Hillcrest, Riverside,                                        R650                        R 1300       Glenwood, Durban Overflow)                                                                                                 Long trip (Durban North, Amanzimtoti)                          R750                         R1490

Proof of payment for transport fees to be either faxed to 031 700 3112 or emailed to

Parents of children with a disability can retain their receipts of school fees and other costs (such as therapy) and put in a claim for a tax rebate.