Newsletter 3/2017


A very warm welcome back to all parents and guardians.    I hope that the break was good for all of you who were able to get a few days off work.    Thank you to all those parents who attended our Parents’ Morning on Saturday.   The turnout was very good.   We request that parents do not make appointments with the teachers during the week before, unless in extreme situations, as you are then unable to see your child’s therapist.


There have been a few staff changes.   Giwe Mthimkulu, Mrs Van Heerden (Mrs Parsonage locum), Mrs Turner (Mrs Murphy – locum), Mrs Steyn (Mrs Marx – locum) are all on maternity leave.    Mrs Sarjoo is still on extended sick leave and her locum is Mrs Mahomed.   Our Physiotherapy Department is once again at full strength.    We welcome Miss T Nayager and Mrs Chetty to the Department.   Miss Cronje (our Intern) resigned at the end of the second term and her place has been taken by Mr Van Loggerenberg.

We will be opening a new Autistic Class on 1 September.    Our Autistic waiting list is very long and these children have very limited access to schools.   It is therefore essential that we use our expertise to provide education for these children.   The class will be taught by Mrs Singh.    Mrs Oosthuizen will move from her Gr 5 class to the Autistic Unit.    Her Gr 5 class will be taught by Mr Samuti, who joins us on the 1 September.


We thank all parents who are currently doing EFT payments.   The less cash we have on the school premises the better for the safety of your children.   We are, however, encountering many problems.    Payments are made without a reference and therefore we cannot post it to any account.   No mention is made if the payment is meant for bus or school fees and proof of payment for bus payments are not sent to school.    The bus system is run totally separately to school fees and Mrs Kinsey has no access to the school accounts.    She therefore must have a proof of payment in order to issue a ticket.    If anyone has a problem relating to their school fee statement, that was handed out by child post at the end of the second term, please contact the school as you may be one of those whose payments did not have a reference.


Our Steel Drum Bands once again took part in the Festival at the Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre.    We were very proud of how they acquitted themselves.


All learners are invited to MEET, DECORATE & EAT George the Gingerbread Man. This will be held as a fundraiser for the Occupational Therapy Department.  Date: Thursday, 10 August Cost: R10 for one, R18 for two. For your child to participate kindly send money to class teacher by 3 August. Thank you Vanessa Phillip.


Milk bottles:   We continue to collect empty milk bottles.    I thank you all for your continued support.    A trophy is awarded every week to the class that collects the most.    This week the trophy is with Mrs Steyn’s class.   We almost have enough collected to qualify for a picnic bench.    Then the money will be used to purchase monkey proof dirt bins.   So please keep the bottles coming.

Fete:    It is nearly time for our annual Fete.    We ask that the list sent home is consulted weekly and the goods brought to school.   We really appreciate your efforts to make our Fete as successful as possible.   If anyone is able to help on the day, please contact Jane Noble at school.


Steve, who teaches Cajons at school, is a hairdresser.    He is prepared to do haircuts in the mornings between 07:00 and 07:30 and 10:00 and 10:30 on a Tuesday when he comes for lessons.    The charge will be R40 instead of the normal R50.    Anyone who is interested must please contact reception to make an appointment.


We have a request to all parents.    Please could I ask you to mark your children’s clothes and lunch boxes.    It is important to put name and surname so that the article can be returned to the correct owner.   At present we have many jerseys in reception that are unmarked.

Secondly we have many parents fetching their children at random times.    We have strict times that are laid down by the Department of Education.    In an emergency, these times can be amended.    Many children also regularly arrive late for school.    In all grades, contact time is from 07:30.   We trust that everyone will make the effort to be on time.

Our website is up and running.    Please remember, if we did not receive a note to the contrary, you have given permission for your child’s photo to appear on the website.

Casual Day:  We are supporting Autism S.A. with the fundraiser.   R6 will allow you to wear civvies on the 1 September.   More information will be supplied closer to the date.


9 August                      Public Holiday

11 August                    Foundation Phase Sports Day

18 August                    Intermediate Phase Sports Day

30 August                    Intermediate Phase Spring Day Competition

1 September               Casual Day

2 September               Fete

22 September             Pre Primary Grandparents Day

22 September             Heritage Day Dress Up

25 September             Public Holiday

29 September             School closes – 11 a.m.