Newsletter 1 2018



A very warm welcome back to all parents and guardians.    I trust that everyone was able to spend some quality time with their children during the Easter Weekend.    Parents’ Morning will once again be held on Saturday 14 April.    This meeting is by appointment with the class teacher.    All therapists will also be available.    Please make use of this opportunity to discuss your child’s progress with his/her teacher.


We still await the Departmental appointment of our vacant Foundation Phase and Intermediate Phase Departmental Heads.    Teachers are presently acting in these positions.    Mrs O’Connell is on maternity leave and her locum is Mrs Parsonage who previously taught for over 20 years at the school.   Mrs Bushell (Gr 6) will be away from the end of May on maternity leave.     Her locum will be Mrs Maharaj who also has a long history with the school.    Two of our General Assistants, Mrs Gracia Meyiwa and Mrs Antonia Ngubo, have both decided to take early retirement and will be leaving us soon.


A general reminder to all to please refrain from sending money to school.    We do not want to have cash on the premises for security reasons.   The first bus fee payment for this term is due on the 30 April and the second one on the 31 May.    Please remember to send proof of payment.


Our Midmar swimmers once again acquitted themselves very well.     Cheyanne Mitchley and Amy Venter were the two fastest out the water.    We congratulate all our swimmers on their hard training and their good swims.   Thanks to Mrs Visagie who gave up her time to train the team.


We continue to collect milk bottles and hope to purchase some monkey proof bins from our proceeds.   Grand Canyon Spur at Sandy’s Centre at the bottom of Cowies Hill have sponsored hamburgers to the class that collects the most milk bottles every month.   We really appreciate their support.     The winning classes in Term 1 were Mrs Moat; Mrs Howieson and Mrs Turner’s class.


We also decided to help those in Cape Town by collecting bottled water.    Ms Dewhurst’s class collected the most and we are very proud of them.    In excess of 300 bottles were collected.    Thank you to all parents for your support.

We are now also recycling paper including newspapers and are taking part in a competition to see what we can collect.


Elections took place during the month of March and our new Governing Body members are as follows:    From the staff – Mrs Bailey (Principal), Mrs Hattingh, Mrs Harilal, Mrs Burgess and Mr Pillay.    From the parents – Mrs Moolan (Chairlady), Mr Murphy, Mrs Sishi, Ms Sol, Ms King, Mr Luis and Mr Rossouw,


We are once again nearing the colder months.    Please ensure that your child has either a jersey or a tracksuit before the weather changes.    Only school uniform will be allowed at school.

Our website is full of interesting photos and news.    We update it weekly.    At the beginning of the year, letters were sent to parents about photos being taken of their children.    We respect the choice of parents.    However, if we did not receive your reply back, we are unable to follow your decisions.    Photos will be placed on the website unless you have specifically stated that your child may not be photographed.

We also collected money for S.P.C.A. by holding a Civvies Day.    Thank you to all who supported this good cause.


14 April                       Parent Morning

27 April                       Public Holiday

30 April                       School Holiday

1 May                          Public Holiday

4 May                          Fleamarket

16 May                        Intermediate Phase Steeldrum Festival

29 May                        Intermediate Phase start exams

6 June                          Wheels and Heels

22 June                        School closes – 11 a.m.



A very warm welcome back to all parents and guardians.   It was very pleasing to see all the happy smiling faces on the first day back at school.    I thank you for making sure that your child looked so smart and came to school with his/her stationery ready to work.   Time tables were ready and work started from the first day.


There have been a few staff changes.   We welcome Miss Cronje into Grade 3.    Mrs Kavanagh will be acting as the Departmental Head for the Foundation Phase following the retirement of Mrs Kreutzner.    Mrs Harilal continues to act as Departmental Head in the Intermediate Phase until the post is filled.   We also welcome Miss Jacquelyn Lange as a locum in O.T. for Mrs Hillerman who is on maternity leave.


Please remember that all proof of payments for transport must be sent to school.  Mrs Kinsey who is responsible for bus payments does not have access to the school’s banking.   No ticket will be issued without such proof.   Please avoid sending cash.   The first payment due date is 31 January and second date 28 February.   If no payment is received by these dates, your child will not be allowed on the bus.   We sincerely thank those of you who have already made payment.

All notes concerning transport arrangements must be in a separate letter and not in the homework book.   We have more and more children wanting to give us verbal messages about bus arrangements.   These will not be accepted.    For your child’s own safety, only written notes will be accepted.


Shuttle Service.   There is a private shuttle service available for those children on the Hillcrest bus waiting list.    This service will also provide transport from our bus stop in Hillcrest to your child’s home.   Please contact the school for further information.



Thank you to those parents who have already paid school fees.     Remember that if the fees are paid in full before the end of February you receive a discount.    The amount is then R14 915 instead of R15 700.



I would like to mention once again that school starts at 7:30 a.m.    Many parents are still bringing their children after 8 o’clock.    No child will be allowed to leave school early unless for a valid reason.   Please check the leaving time with your child’s teacher if you are unsure.


In the mornings there is one way traffic.   Once you have dropped your child, you need to continue out the back gate (opened at 6:15 a.m.).   This gate is also opened in the afternoon (for exit purposes) from 2 p.m. until 2:20 p.m. to help with the congestion at the front of the school.  The school has no one on duty from 3:30 p.m. in the afternoons.   This means that there is no one to open the gate and you will not be able to get in to fetch your child.    Please be prompt in the afternoons.



We have once again updated our Code of Conduct.    All teachers will go through the document with their class.   Please familiarise yourself with it’s contents and sign the return slip provided.   All learners are bound to uphold the Code of Conduct.


Should there be anyone needing relaxation of the Code of Conduct for any religious reason,   please send a letter to the Governing Body stating your reasons and providing proof.    This needs to be done annually.



Our learners are once again in full training for the Midmar Mile in February.   We wish them well.   We congratulate those swimmers who completed the Capital K swim at the end of the year and thank Mrs Visagie for her dedication in making sure that all the swimmers are fit and competent.


  • Please ensure that the school is always kept up to date with cell phone number and address changes.
  • Indicate on the Personal Particular form sent home, which number must be used for our cell phone sms system. Only one number used.
  • We often have family members who are not the child’s parent or guardian (eg. Granny) asking for information about the child. Please be aware that teachers and therapists are ethically bound to only give information on the child to the legal guardian.
  • Please note that this is the last year that the old uniform can be worn. By January next year all learners will be expected to wear golf shirts.    No buttoned shirts will be allowed.




7  February                  Photos

8 February                   Photos

14  February                Intermediate Phase Dress Up

2 March                      Fleamarket

6 March                      Golf Day

7 March                      Governing Body Parent Elections – first date – quorum required

15 March                    Foundation Phase Gala

16 March                    Intermediate Phase Gala

20 March                    Governing Body Parent Elections – 2nd date – no quorum required

21 March                    Public Holiday

28 March                    School closes – 11 a.m.

10 April                       School opens