The Browns'  School

Messages from our children

What a few of the children of Browns have to say:

  • People must treat me like I am. They must not look at me like I am different. I do not like being teased.
  • One day at my old school, my teacher was marking spelling. She told my whole class my mark and they were laughing at me and that made me sad and my friends didn’t want to play with me. I did not like it.
  • Now I know how to read in Browns’ School
  • I wish people knew that I was in a car accident when I was a child and it would be my wish if they could treat me the same.       
  • Just because I am disabled doesn’t mean that I can’t do anything. I can do a lot of things because I am very clever and very talented.              
  • You must never underestimated disabled children because they all have talents and just appreciate the person who they are because no-one is perfect.
  • Browns makes me feel that I am not different from the other children. It has helped me to see the more creative side of me.
  • Browns has helped me with all my subjects. The fleamarket at school taught me how to make a profit. I’m much happier because most of my problems are sorted out.
  • I feel safe in Brown’s. I can express myself in ways I can’t explain. People might think that because you go to Browns’ School you are stupid but you aren’t you just have a problem like I do with my spelling.          
  • I want to go to school on Saturday and Sunday as well, because I love my school so much.
  • When I came in this school I couldn’t walk properly. I used to fall but my physiotherapist taught me how to work and my other teacher taught me how to write.If you are battling, Browns’ School can help you, and it’s just like any other school, but you get therapy.      
  • Browns’ is a nice place. We have the best teachers, the best reading room and computer room.    
  • My teacher makes me feel good when I am upset.

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