Eco School

The Browns’ School joined the WESSA Eco-Schools programme in 2016. The committee at present comprises of teachers and therapists (with some involvement from the learners) Our  aim is to create awareness of the environmental issues that we face. We endeavour to make our schools carbon footprint less and tackle the alien invasives around the school. 

We have speakers come in to address the learners to discuss varying environmental concerns. 

In 2017 we were awarded a Bronze Certificate and through all the hard work and dedication in 2018 we were upgraded to Silver Status. 

Some of our projects that we run include a worm farm where the worm wee is harvested and used in our gardens. We have Special Needs classes who are growing vegetables in recycled bags. We have a beautiful butterfly garden that each class has the opportunity to learn about the care of plants by watering the plants as well as being able to see all the insects and butterflies that have made their home there.

In 2018 each class in the school chose an environmental topic to present in assembly. This project was successful in raising awareness of a wide variety of environmental topics, from endangered animals to the effects of mass tourism. 

We have got some lovely ideas for projects and speakers for 2019. Our goal is to maintain the projects that we are currently running and to take on a water conservation initiative in affiliation with Water Explorers.

Here’s to reducing waste and creating a greener school environment!