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A warm welcome back to everyone.    It was very pleasing to see so many parents/guardians at our first Parent Morning and hopefully you are now fully aware of how your child’s class functions and of what is expected of your child this year.   We are fully functional with time tables running from the very beginning of term.


We start the year with 4 new staff members.    Miss Gambushe is in Grade 000, Mrs Maduray is in the Foundation Phase Support Class; Mr van Loggerenberg is in Grade 4 and Ms Jansen Van Vuuren is our new Psychologist.   We wish them a long and happy stay at The Browns’ School.    Mr du Toit, Departmental Head of the Special Needs classes, retired in December.    His post is currently advertised and we hope to have a replacement by the end of the second term.


Thank you to the many people who have already paid both school and bus fees.   A reminder that should you pay the school fees in full before the 28 February, you qualify for a 5% discount on the amount.   Please make sure that you use the reference number you have all been given.    Currently we have a payment that was made for R15 000 with the child’s name as a reference – we have 5 children with the same name.    That money will sit in the account and not be allocated to anyone.

The first payment for bus fees is due at the end of January.    Proof of payments continue to be a problem.    Mrs Kinsey does not have access to the bank statements and we cannot be expected to continually check this statement because no proof has been received.   This year we will strictly adhere to our policy of not accepting any cash for payments.    This is for your child’s safety as then the message to everyone is that there is no cash on The Browns’ School premises so it’s not worth holding them up.


We still have many learners arriving late in the morning.     We follow Departmental hours and start promptly at 7:30 a.m.    Please adhere to the correct starting and finishing times.    For all new parents – the traffic flow is one way in the mornings.    We exit through the Dorfner Gate.    This gate is also open once the buses have left in the afternoons and closes at 2:30 p.m.    This is to help with congestion.


This is the first year that golf shirts have become compulsory.    The 3 year introductory period is now finished and all learners are expected to have the correct uniform.    Badges can be bought from the office for R20.    Sandals are optional but may not be worn with socks.   Please make sure that all clothes, towels and lunch boxes are labelled.     Every term we end up with a huge box of unclaimed items.


We now have zapper in the Tuckshop.    This will allow you to order and pay for lunch for your child online and even for possibly the whole week.     Each child has received a menu with the zapper emblem attached.    Hopefully this will assist all parents.


We have once again updated our Code of Conduct.    Your child has been made aware of the Code and of the behaviour expected.   We expect all parents to please familiarise yourself with it’s contents and sign the return slip provided.   We refer parents of older boys to 6.1.    We expect all boys to be clean shaven.


  • We congratulate those who took part in the Capital K at the end of last year. Current learners are Amy Venter, Fred Sholto Douglas, Cheyanne Mitchley, Taiga Igesund, Caitlin Maclachlan, Sherwin Julie, Jacque Lawton, Sthembele Mtshali, Morgan Timmer and Timothy Simms.   They are currently training at breaks and on Saturday mornings for Midmar.    We wish them all the best.
  • Nicholas Murphy is to be congratulated for completing the 94.7 cycle challenge. We are very proud of him.


  • We have a parent who is selling school uniforms as well as P.E. clothes and bathing costumes. If you would like to purchase her uniforms please contact the school for her number.
  • Tracksuits are made by another supplier. Her details are also at school.
  • The school is the go between for these two suppliers. All deals are done privately and no orders are taken by the school and no money is paid to the school.
  • Sister is not responsible for dealing with learners who come to school feeling sick or who suffer from minor complaints. These must be dealt with by your private doctor.
  • We’d like to congratulate our Eco-Committee who have worked hard to get our school upgraded to Silver Status.
  • Medication – please do not disrupt the medication queue early in the morning. Appointments with Sister can be made through the Secretary and medication can always be handed in at Reception.
  • We really enjoy sharing your child’s birthday at school. We are happy to cut the cake and hand out sweets.     However, school is not the place to hold a party.    This must be done at home.
  • You are all welcome to take photos of your child on Special occasions eg. Gala. However, we cannot allow photos to be taken of a class or other children.    Many parents have specifically requested that their child not be photographed.     We need to respect their decision.
  • All correspondence between the school and various neurologists or paediatricians is confidential and no copies will be made for parents.
  • We wish everyone a happy and successful first term.


5  February:     Photos

6  February:     Photos

14  February:    Valentines Day (various phase activities)

22 February:     Foundation Phase Gala

7  Feb – 1 March:    Swimathon (Int. Phase)

1   March:          Fleamarket

8   March:          Int. Phase Gala and Gr 7 Camp

15   March:         School closes – 11 a.m.